Trauma and Bio-Hazard Cleanup in Glendale, CA

If your home has been the scene of trauma, biohazards or a crime scene, you may not know how to proceed. If your business falls victim to a trauma, crime scene or suicide, fixing the problem can be disheartening. To handle these incidents, the responding staff should act with proper sympathy, training and skills. Hiring professionals is wise because the materials left behind are graphic and can also spread further disease. The Paul Davis Recovery Services have the training and skills to know how to handle these delicate events safely and compassionately.

Paul Davis Recover Services clean up:

  • Neglected remains
  • Homicide or Suicide Treatment
  • Crime Scene Sanitation
  • Trauma Scene Sanitation
  • Biohazard Removal Services
  • Industrial or Home Accidents
  • Animal Remains or Waste
  • Hoarding Scenes
  • Forensic Investigation Chemicals

Other Biohazard

As a home owner, it’s difficult to take care of biohazardous crime scenes without the help of professionals. Along with bodily hazards, we are able to sanitize sewer and meth lab scenes. Skill is needed for either of these scenarios to be handled safely. Both methamphetamine labs and sewage backup host a surprising range of biotoxins that can seriously harm those without experience or proper protection.

Our Expertise Matters

Professionals with Paul Davis are ready to respond to these graphic scenes. Our cleanup is performed by qualified recovery specialists who use rigorous industry practices. The team has been trained in specific steps from Paul Davis, through our Trauma/Bio-Recovery certification training, or National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) to finish the decontamination work thoroughly, using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Our professionals follow all government and industry requirements.